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Jan 11, 2013

The AM8000 servomotor integrates the feedback system into one motor cable

The AM8000 servomotor integrates the feedback system into one motor cable

The highly dynamic servomotors of the latest generation are characterised by high dynamics, energy efficiency and low costs.

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Rotary servomotors

The scalable series of permanent magnet-excited synchronous motors are suitable for a very wide range of applications.

AM8000 | Servomotors

The synchronous servomotors with One Cable Technology from the AM8000 series are suitable for applications with the highest demands on dynamics, speed and performance.

AM8100 | Servomotors for compact drive technology

The AM8100 motors are specially designed for operation with the compact drive components in the smallest of mounting spaces.

AM8500 | Servomotors with increased rotor moment of inertia

The AM8500 motors with One Cable Technology provide an increased moment of inertia for applications with extremely high requirements for synchronism and control quality.

AM8800 | Stainless-steel motors with hygienic design

The AM8800 motors are ideal for extremely harsh environmental conditions. The highest protection class and stainless steel surfaces defy aggressive media.


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