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FC5251 | Mini PCI DeviceNet

FC5251 | Mini PCI DeviceNet

FC5251 | Mini PCI DeviceNet

FC5251 | Mini PCI DeviceNet

FC5251 | Mini PCI DeviceNet

The FC5251 Mini PCI Card brings fieldbus functionalities to the Industrial PC in a compact construction. The bus interface is not implemented on the fieldbus card, but separately in the respective housing (device-specific). The FC5251 is available for Beckhoff Industrial PCs with Mini PCI option. Like the standard PCI cards, the Mini PCI variants are specifically optimised for fast controllers and real-time tasks:

  • connection of the PC to a DeviceNet network (optionally master or slave units)
  • powerful parameter and diagnostics interfaces
  • The error management for each bus user is freely configurable.


The power of the Fieldbus Cards can be most easily seen in combination with the TwinCAT software PLC and NC. But other applications also benefit from the intelligent PCI cards that handle the fieldbus protocol efficiently on their own processors. The Fieldbus Cards are optionally available with 128 kbyte NOVRAM.

Product status:

Regular delivery (not recommended for new projects)

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