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AMP8600 | Distributed power supply modules

Consistently distributed concept: Drive technology without control cabinet

With the AMP8000 distributed servo drive system, the servo drive is relocated directly from the control cabinet to the machine. In addition to the AMP8000 distributed servo drives, the system offers additional components for power supply (AMP8620), distribution (AMP8800) or coupling (AX883x) to a conventional servo drive group to generate a compact and flexible solution for modular machines.

With the power supply module of the distributed servo drive system, a drive technology solution completely without a control cabinet can be realized. The components normally located in the control cabinet are now distributed to the power supply module and the distributed servo drive in an IP 65 version. Thus, not only are the required space inside the control cabinet and the necessary air conditioning eliminated, but also the associated wiring work is reduced.

The AMP8600 power supply module is connected directly to the supply network. It contains all the circuit components required for this purpose, such as mains filters, rectifiers and charging circuit for the integrated DC link capacitors. Additional distribution modules or AMP8000 distributed servo drives can be connected to the power supply module. It has two EtherCAT-P outputs, which can either be used to supply EtherCAT-P modules or to contact additional power supply modules needed for system expansion. The safe 24 V power supply unit integrated in the power supply module is used to supply the connected components with control voltage. It ensures that the logic power supply does not exceed the permissible level. This allows functionally safe components to be connected directly to the power supply module without additional measures to limit the supply voltage. The DC link capacitors integrated in the power supply module store the regenerated energy from the entire system and then make it available again for acceleration processes. This ensures that the energy supplied is used in the best possible way.

If the regenerative energy is higher than can be stored in the intermediate capacitors, it must be converted into heat with the aid of braking resistors. For this purpose, a power supply module with an attached braking resistor or with a connection for an external brake resistor is optionally available.

As an alternative to the power supply module, the combination of coupling module and distribution modules can be selected to minimize the control cabinet size.


  • reduced space requirement in the control cabinet by relocating the power supply module to the machine
  • modular and flexible due to power supply and distribution modules
  • cost-effective due to one cable solution: only one type of cable in the entire drive system
  • little wiring work and shortest cable lengths due to AMP8805 distribution module
  • Efficient due to DC link group: renewable energy can be used by other drives.
  • Safe 24 V power supply: Functionally safe components can be connected directly without additional measures.

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