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Cables and connectors overview | B40, pins 5+4, 66 A, up to 630 V AC / 850 V DC

The illustrated product overview shows a selection of cabling options with control cabinet feedthroughs and extension cables for EtherCAT P hybrid cables (ECP) in size B40. In addition to the transmission of EtherCAT P, the 5+4-pole mating face offers the possibility of mechanical coding for 2 x 24 V +PE, 400 V AC and for a freely selectable voltage. The shown products represent a cross-section of the wide product portfolio.

No. Type Article no.
(1) B40, flange, straight, long, male+male, pins 5+4, square flange, P-coded – 1 x M8, plug, straight | 1 x open end ZK7425-BX00-0xxx
(2) B40, flange, straight, long, female+ female, pins 5+4, square flange, P-coded – 1 x M8, plug, straight | 1 x open end ZK7425-BW00-0xxx
(3) B40 protection cap, socket/flange, metal, IP67 ZS7400-B002
(4) B40, plug, straight, female+ female, pins 5+4, EtherCAT P-coded – B40, plug, straight, male+male, pins 5+4, EtherCAT P-coded ZK7425-3031-0xxx
(5) Metal flange for B40 connector, to adjust the connector, including sealing on request
(6) B40 protection cap, plug, metal, IP67 ZS7400-B004
(7) B40, socket, straight, male+male, pins 4+PE+4, EtherCAT P-coded – B40, plug, straight, female+female, pins 4+PE+4, EtherCAT P-coded on request

xxx = cable length in decimeters