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Oct 19, 2017

Trade show TV at Motek 2017


At Motek 2017, Beckhoff presented its PC-based and EtherCAT-based control technology for the implementation of efficient automation solutions for assembly cells and handling systems. In keeping with the motto of “minimised design – maximum flexibility”, Beckhoff focused its trade show presence on the scalability of its PC platform with respect to performance, design and price.

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CX20x2 | Intel® Xeon® D

CX20x2 | Intel® Xeon® D

The Embedded PC series that features server processing power and Intel® Xeon® D processors offers up to 12 CPU cores on the DIN rail.

C60xx | Ultra-compact Industrial PCs

C60xx | Ultra-compact Industrial PCs

The scalable C60xx series combines maximum computing power in what is currently the most compact format with a wide range of options for installation in the control cabinet.


With a mounting space of just 82 x 82 x 40 mm, the C6015 Industrial PC represents Beckhoff's most compact entry-level Industrial PC and price savings of 25% or more (depending on the configuration) place it well below the previously least expensive x86 PCs. Due to its extremely compact size, the versatile and flexible mounting options and the impressive computing power of the Intel® Atom® processors, it fits into virtually any control cabinet and machine concept. Apart from use for a wide range of automation tasks, the C6015 is mainly suitable for use as an IoT gateway, or as an edge device. The basis for this is the full integration and compatibility of TwinCAT and EtherCAT.

XTS | Linear product transport

XTS | Linear product transport

As an intelligent transport system, the eXtended Transport System enables flexible motion profiles and new types of machine concept.


The EL7221-9014 servomotor EtherCAT Terminal with integrated One Cable Technology (OCT) offers powerful servo performance in a very compact design for motors from the AM8100 series up to 8 A (Irms). OCT combines a motor cable and an absolute feedback system in a single cable. The integrated electronic type plate of the AM81xx motors can be read in by the servo terminal to configure the motor parameters automatically. Thus, commissioning of the motors as well as cabling are minimized. The high-performance control technology supports fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks. Monitoring of numerous integrated parameters offers maximum operational reliability. The specified output power is attained in operation with the ZB8610 fan cartridge. For operation without a fan cartridge, the EL7211-9014 is recommended. The STO function according to EN 61800-5-2, can be implemented using the reaction-free HWE input corresponding to a safety level Cat. 3, PL d according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (see document "EP7211-0034 | TwinSAFE application example").


The FC9x51 Mini PCI Card brings further Ethernet ports to the Industrial PC in a compact construction. The bus interface is not implemented on the fieldbus card, but separately in the respective housing (device-specific). The FC9x51 is available for Beckhoff Industrial PCs with Mini PCI option. Like the standard PCI cards, the Mini PCI variants are specifically optimized for fast controllers and real-time tasks: