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TE1000 | TC3 Engineering

TwinCAT Scope meets OPC UA

TwinCAT Scope meets OPC UA

TwinCAT Engineering TE1000 is the TwinCAT development environment for convenient configuration of control, drive control and I/Os. In addition, the tool includes the configuration and programming of TwinSAFE, the safety solution from Beckhoff.

TwinCAT Engineering is integrated in a Visual Studio® version. A full version of Visual Studio® is required if programming is to be done in C++. Pure configurations or PLC programming can be performed in the free Visual Studio® shell included. A connection to source code control tools is fully integrated. The programming of the PLC also takes place here. More than one PLC can be created and programmed. The inputs and outputs of the PLC can be linked to the inputs and outputs of the I/Os. The programs can be monitored and debugged online.

The creation and programming of the C++ modules is done simply using wizards. The C++ development environment of Visual Studio® is used as the editor. Here, too, inputs and outputs are defined that can in turn be linked to inputs and outputs of the I/O level. Of course, convenient debugging is possible.


  • integration into Visual Studio® 2013/2015/2017/2019
  • support for the native Visual Studio® interfaces (e.g. connection to source code management systems)
  • IEC 61131-3 (IL, ST, LD, FBD, SFC) and CFC editors
  • IEC 61131-3 compiler
  • integrated system manager for the configuration of the target system
  • instancing and parameterisation of TwinCAT modules
  • integrated C++ debugger
  • user interface for the parameterisation of modules generated by MATLAB® or Simulink®
  • if integrated into Visual Studio®, instancing of .NET projects in the same solution (e.g. for HMI)
  • integrated Scope View Base as charting tool for machine commissioning in Visual Studio®
  • integrated Bode Plot Base for the optimisation of drive axes

The basic version of TC3 Engineering is free of charge.

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