Beckhoff at ISH 2015: Hall 10.3, Booth C41

Beckhoff Panel PC controls smart NovoCon™ actuators from Danfoss

At this year's ISH trade show being held March 10 to 14 in Frankfurt, Germany, Beckhoff focuses on its building automation solutions and its expertise as automation partner for HVAC companies. The new smart NovoCon™ actuator from Danfoss is a prime example of Beckhoff's cooperative approach. With a PC-based Beckhoff controller, the actuator can be easily integrated into building control systems via BACnet or Modbus for flow control, flow-rate indication or alarm signaling applications. System integrators benefit from the actuators speedy commissioning and easy maintenance, including remote access.

With its PC- and Ethernet-based control technology, Beckhoff offers a standardised hardware and software platform for building automation, including highly efficient HVAC management. In addition to being a supplier of standard components and customer-specific software libraries for its TwinCAT automation software, Beckhoff is also an innovation partner for the development of HVAC products and solutions. The software library for the NovoCon™ actuator, which Beckhoff developed in close cooperation with Danfoss, is just one example of many. The digital actuator is operated via an all-in-one controller: a Beckhoff CP6606 Panel PC with a compact 7-inch HMI. With its full range of system automation, the NovoCon™ actuator is able to avoid errors and save energy. Drive monitoring makes it possible to achieve hydronic balancing by ensuring that all heating and cooling surfaces are supplied equally with heating and cooling energy for lower circuit temperatures and significant energy savings.

While flow-rates or volumes had to be controlled mechanically in the past, these can now be handled by a PC via the fieldbus. Integrated alarms report any kind of trouble to the controller – for example, if deposits prevent the valve from properly opening or closing. For system flushing, the smart actuators are automatically opened all the way. Controlling thousands of valves takes a single mouse click. The fieldbus connection via BACnet or Modbus also makes it possible to install the valves in inaccessible locations, for example in the ceiling, since they no longer require any mechanical operation.

And thanks to the PC-based control platform and a comprehensive commissioning tool, NovoCon™ actuators can even be commissioned and maintained remotely. Easy-to-use plug-and-play functions provide seamless integration with the control technology from Beckhoff.

Ms. Carine Larfouilloux

Ms. Carine Larfouilloux
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