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C9900-S44x, C9900-S45x | Windows 7 for Beckhoff Industrial PCs

C9900-S44x, C9900-S45x | Windows 7 for Beckhoff Industrial PCs

C9900-S44x, C9900-S45x | Windows 7 for Beckhoff Industrial PCs

C9900-S44x, C9900-S45x | Windows 7 for Beckhoff Industrial PCs

C9900-S44x, C9900-S45x | Windows 7 for Beckhoff Industrial PCs

Microsoft Windows 7 is available in the 32 and 64 bit versions and also supports multi-core architectures and multi-threading. Windows 7 incorporates a series of innovative technologies and new functions aimed at simple and reliable operation and maintenance of industrial systems. The well-known multi-lingual interface of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate enables the Industrial PC to be operated in the country's local language. If required, up to 35 language packs can be added via the Windows Update function.

Long-term availability

Operating systems distributed by Beckhoff originate exclusively from the so-called embedded channel. This means that security updates are available for ten years. In addition, these operating system versions have constant properties and are not subject to a function upgrade. After the end of the extended support, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates. However, the operating system is still available and may continue to be distributed.

Stability and real-time capability

Beckhoff has been using Windows operating systems as a stable basis for the TwinCAT automation software for many years. Only tested driver and software components that are regularly subjected to intensive real-time and functional tests are integrated. The drivers used are optimally matched to the Beckhoff hardware. In addition, all settings in the operating system are adapted to the use of TwinCAT. This optimizes the real-time capability of the controller and minimizes downtime on the machine.


Security requirements for Industrial PC operating systems are steadily increasing. The reasons for this are, for example, the new areas of application and use cases in the field of Industrie 4.0, networking, and cloud connectivity. The IPC Security Guideline helps to make operating systems more secure step by step by explaining actions and conducting threat analyses. In addition, Beckhoff communicates known vulnerabilities in the form of Security Advisories and provides instructions – if available – on how to eliminate them on Beckhoff Industrial PCs. The Beckhoff Security Wizard opens when the windows operation system starts so that the user will get informed of the most important steps to secure the system.

Useful Beckhoff components

Additional Beckhoff components integrated as standard facilitate the operation and maintenance of Industrial PCs and operating systems, thus providing real added value. With the Beckhoff Display Control the user can, for example, change the brightness of the display and set a screen saver and a cleaning mode. With the Beckhoff Device Manager, an Industrial PC can be configured remotely using a web browser. Characteristics of the Industrial PC such as fan speed, CPU usage, and data carrier SMART parameters are visible at a glance and thus facilitate maintenance.

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