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AT9001 | Magnetic plate sets

AT9001 | Magnetic plate sets

AT9001 | Magnetic plate sets

AT9001 | Magnetic plate sets

AT9001 | Magnetic plate sets

The magnetic plate sets with the product designation ATH9001 are part of the ATH9xxx mover. When using guide rails with movers from third-party suppliers or with self-designed movers, the magnetic plate set is available individually. The magnetic traveling fields of the XTS motor modules generate a linear movement with the aid of the magnetic plate sets. A set consists of two magnetic plates. One of the two magnetic plates is equipped with a sturdy encoder flag, which allows non-contact position detection of the movers.


With all variants, the "Mover Standard" and "Mover 1" magnetic plate sets are differentiated. "Mover 1" is always recognized as servo axis 1 and used as the first servo axis after starting. All subsequent movers (standard movers) are counted upwards. This results in a fixed assignment of the axis numbers to the movers, which is maintained even after the system has been switched off. The benefits for an application are as follows:


  • When the system restarts, the parameters of the individual movers can be retained.
  • The condition of a product on a mover can be clearly tracked.
  • The system contains movers with various tools that can be reassigned after a system restart.
  • The system does not have to be cleared after a fault, but can be driven to from the current mover position.

Product status:

Regular delivery

Product variantsNumber of magnetsNominal forcePeak forceLengthMagnet pitchMoverPossible curve segments
AT9001-x450-1640425 N70 N<50 mm50 mmallall
AT9001-x550-1640530 N100 N50 mm60 mmallall
AT9001-x775-1640745 N130 N75 mm85 mmthird party all
AT9001-xAA0-16401075 N210 N100 mm110 mmthird party ≥ 45°

Force specifications refer to straight sections

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