AM8000, AM8500

New ordering options:
External axial ventilation now also in IP 65

AM8000, AM8500 | Fan guards for demanding environmental conditions

In the externally ventilated version, the AM8000 and AM8500 servomotors offer high torque even at high speeds. The motor's performance data is increased even further with the external ventilation: the standstill torques can be increased by approx. 30 %; the rated torques at rated speed even by up to 150 %.

The new design of the fan guards in IP 65-compliant design extends the range of applications for servomotors with external axial ventilation: Areas of application with demanding ambient conditions such as humidity and dust are now possible. Especially in dust-intensive areas such as woodworking, tool machining or packaging machines, dynamic applications benefit from the active cooling of the servo motors through higher rated torque with the same design. The 24 V DC fan is controlled independently of the motor, e. g. via the PS1111-2402-0002 power supply with 2.5 A output current. The pre-assembled, three-core ZK4054-6400-0xxx control cable (M12 connector on open cable end) enables complete grounding of the fan guard. The IP 65 fan guards are available as an ordering option for sizes F5, F6 and F7 of the AM8000 and AM8500 servomotor series.

All other options according to the order specifications such as OCT (One Cable Technology), resolver or multiturn absolute encoder, backlash-free permanent magnet holding brake, feather key or shaft sealing ring are available.

Order reference For AM80uv-wxyz and AM85uv-wxyz
u flange code F
v motor length
x winding code A…Z
z = C forced cooling IP 65, without holding brake
z = D forced cooling IP 65, with holding brake (not for AM8064, AM8074, AM8553 and AM8563)
Information The options cannot be installed in the field.




The synchronous servomotors with One Cable Technology from the AM8000 series are suitable for applications with the highest demands on dynamics, speed and performance.



The AM8500 motors with One Cable Technology provide an increased moment of inertia for applications with extremely high requirements for synchronism and control quality.