XTS guide rails and movers

The XTS guide rails and movers are passive components of the XTS construction kit system. In combination with the magnetic fields of the motor modules, the movers enable a linear travel movement along a specified track layout. Basically, a distinction can be made between two system solutions: the guide rails that are mounted directly on the motor modules with little effort, and the guide rails that run parallel to the motor modules and can accept larger weight forces.

The aluminum guide rails for mounting on the motor modules represent one variant; the matching movers are equipped with plastic rollers. The guide rails are available in various designs for creating individual travel paths. The combination of plastic rollers on an aluminum track offers the advantage of a lubrication-free system concept, which is suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry, among others. The layout described can be traversed by two mover types: a 70 mm-wide mover for payloads up to 1.3 kg and a 50 mm-wide mover for 180° curved segments that enables a smaller product spacing.

The use of ball circulating guides represents a further variant for straight tracks. The XTS software function Track Management allows the exchange of straight track sections between different XTS systems and thus the combination of several tracks in one system. In combination with a suitable mechanism such as a spindle axis or a linear motor, a circulatory travel movement of the movers is thus possible. Particularly advantageous here is the durability of the system, which has already proven itself in various industrial areas for some years. For this variant, Beckhoff supplies suitable magnetic plate sets and design drawings for mover base bodies. The guide rails can be procured directly from the respective guide rail manufacturer, e.g., THK.

The second system solution consists of using a guide rail running parallel to the motor modules. The weight forces are no longer absorbed via the motor module, but by a guide rail running parallel to the motor modules, allowing larger masses to be transported. As a supplementary product variant, motor modules are available for this system solution without fastening holes for a guide rail system. This prevents foreign bodies from the industrial environment collecting in the open holes.
With the GFX system, Hepco Motion offers a corresponding variant in which steel guide rails and matching movers with steel rollers are combined. The long service life of the movers presupposes extremely low maintenance requirements with high transport weights of up to 4 kg. In order to increase the transport weights still further, there is also a possibility to combine several systems with one another. A fully assembled GFX system can be ordered directly through Beckhoff.

The various versions are complemented by corresponding product variants for hygienically demanding environmental conditions. The stainless steel guide rails can be mounted directly on the motor modules of the XTS Hygienic product variant. To match, there are two variants in hygienic design, with the movers in stainless steel and aluminum executions. The stainless steel movers can be used in environmental conditions with particularly high hygienic requirements. In comparison with this, the anodized aluminum mover offers the advantage of the transport of larger payloads with higher dynamics. An adapted variant of the GFX system is also available for a parallel-running guide rail system.

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