AX8830 | Coupling module

Connects the DC link, the 24 V DC supply and the EtherCAT communication

With the AMP8000 distributed servo drive system, the servo drive is relocated directly from the control cabinet to the machine. In addition to the AMP8000 distributed servo drives, the system offers additional components for power supply AMP8620, distribution AMP8800 or coupling to a conventional servo drive group AX883x to generate a compact and flexible solution for modular machines.

A combination of control cabinet-based and decentralized drive technology is often desired for the construction of a modular machine. This can be implemented with the AX8830 coupling modules. The coupling modules are installed in the control cabinet and represent the interface to the IP65 environment of the machine. The connection from the coupling modules to distribution modules or direct to distributed servo drives is possible with just one EtherCAT P cable.

The coupling module is supplied with power via the AX8600 power supply module and enables the modular extension of the AX8000 multi-axis servo system by the AMP8000 distributed servo drive system. The AX8830 is available as a 1- and 2-channel device so that the maximum number of distributed servo drives can be connected in a minimal mounting space in the control cabinet.

The coupling modules establish the connection of the DC link, the 24 V DC supply and the EtherCAT communication. Through the connection of the DC link, the regenerative energy in the entire system is stored and is subsequently available again for acceleration procedures. This ensures that the energy supplied is used in the best possible way.

With the aid of these 1- or 2-channel coupling modules and the AMP8805 distribution module, both simple and complex distributed drive solutions can be implemented in an uncomplicated way. The AMP8600 power supply module can be used as an alternative power supply for a solution entirely without control cabinets.


  • reduction of the space requirement in the control cabinet through integration of the servo drive directly in the motor
  • modularity and flexibility through coupling and distribution modules
  • cost-effective due to one cable solution: only one type of cable in the entire drive system
  • little wiring work and shortest cable lengths due to AMP8805 distribution module
  • Efficient due to DC link group: Regenerative energy can be used by other drives.

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