AM3000 | Synchronous servomotors

Highly dynamic, brushless servomotors

Pole-wound motor series

The stator winding of the AM3000 synchronous servomotor series is wound by a needle winder directly inside the motor housing. The pole winding has clear advantages over conventional winding technology.

The copper wire is always concentrated on the iron core. The insulation of the wire can be made much thinner, since the pressing of the winding head is no longer necessary. These measures lead to a significant increase in the proportion of "active" copper, which determines the torque value, so that the performance yield of the AM3000 series is approx. 25-35 % higher. An additional benefit is that the motors are significantly shorter than conventional models.

Sealed winding

The AM3000 servomotors are characterized by extremely low moment of inertia of the rotor, robust design, and high overload capacity. The winding is potted in order to reduce the thermal line resistance between the winding and the housing. This fixation further increases mechanical resilience, e.g., in case of vibrations.

The AM3000 servomotors are available in eight different flange sizes, each with up to four different lengths. This means that, once the flange size has been defined, there is scope for variation in the length. The motors are offered in a torque range of 0.18...180 Nm with a wide range of nominal speeds. The optimal motor can thus be selected when dimensioning and possibly determining the transmission ratio.


  • rotable plug connectors
  • terminal box with AM308x
  • tight tolerances: minimal cogging torques
  • feedback options: resolver, single-turn and multi-turn absolute encoder
  • The motors are optionally available with smooth shaft or with groove and feather key.
  • Protection rating IP65, shaft feed through IP54; optional IP65/IP65
  • UL/CSA

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