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MKxxxx | Coupler modules

Connection to external control architectures

In addition to being used as a master with an integrated PC-based control system, the MX-System can also be integrated as a device in external control architectures via the MKxxxx coupler modules. These can be EtherCAT systems as well as PROFINET-RT or EtherNet/IP networks. Integration into further Ethernet-based fieldbus protocols is also possible by using the corresponding coupler modules. If it is not an EtherCAT Coupler, a coupler module represents a gateway between the external network and the EtherCAT network within the MX-System. All coupler modules have one input and one output port each. This enables topologies in which multiple MX-System stations are integrated into a higher-level network. It is also possible to integrate an EtherCAT segment consisting of several MX-System stations into other networks.

Coupler modules thus enable machines and systems to take advantage of the unique features of the MX-System regardless of the control technology used.

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