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Nov 30, 2018

SPS IPC Drives 2018, Day 3: Beckhoff Trade Show TV

SPS IPC Drives 2018, Day 3: Beckhoff Trade Show TV

Beckhoff Trade Show TV from day 3 at SPS IPC Drives 2018: CX7000 small TwinCAT 3 controller, measurement modules from the economy line, highly scalable TwinSAFE safety controllers, AMP8000 distributed servo system.

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Embedded PCs

With the CX series of Embedded PCs, Beckhoff has combined PC technology and modular I/O level to form a space-saving DIN rail unit in the control cabinet.

ELMxxxx | Measurement technology

The ELMxxxx EtherCAT measurement terminals are designed for versatile use both in industry and on the test bench.


Highly scalable, highly modular: safe automation with TwinSAFE

Distributed servo drive systems

The highly efficient drive system for modular machines and machines without control cabinets combines servo drive and motor in one unit.