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Beckhoff Vision: Hardware portfolio complements TwinCAT Vision software

Cameras, lenses, and illumination for a complete control-integrated vision solution

As a specialist in PC-based control technology, Beckhoff is constantly looking at ways to integrate all machine functionalities consistently into a single control platform. This also includes image processing on the software side since the launch of TwinCAT Vision in 2017. With the introduction of the comprehensive Vision hardware portfolio, this product area is now complete.

Beckhoff Vision offers machine builders and end users a complete image processing system that covers all the necessary components from software to illumination. Seamlessly integrated into EtherCAT-based control technology, it opens up significant competitive advantages for users, including highly accurate synchronization with all machine processes, reduced engineering and hardware costs, and simplified commissioning and support.

In addition to the TwinCAT Vision software, the Vision portfolio also includes:

  • Cameras: The area-scan cameras generate high-quality image data using color and monochrome CMOS sensors with up to 24-megapixel resolution and 3.45 µm and 2.74 µm pixel pitch, in addition to offering transfer rates of 2.5 Gbit/s.
  • Lenses: The robust, industrial C-mount lenses ensure easy handling and high availability while also offering a VIS and NIR AR coating, up to 2 µm resolution, and image circles of 11 mm (2/3") and 19.3 mm (1.2") respectively.
  • Illumination: The multicolor LED illumination in three designs – area, ring, and bar illumination – produces constant illumination conditions for consistently high-quality images. It also creates the best possible contrast between the inspection feature and its surroundings – even in spectrally adjustable pulse mode.
  • Complete units consisting of camera, illumination devices, and focusable lenses are also available.


Ms. Markéta Dudášová

Ms. Markéta Dudášová
Beckhoff Automation s.r.o.
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