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IP2400-B730 | Fieldbus Box, 8-channel digital input + 8-channel digital output, Modbus, 24 V DC, 3 ms, 0.5 A, Ø8

IP2400-Bxxx, 8 mm, snap type

IP2400-Bxxx, 8 mm, snap type

Fieldbus connection (design depends
on the fieldbus)

8 mm I/O connection sockets

Signal status display

Labeling areas

Power supply status display:

Box supply (US)

Auxiliary voltage (UP)

Power supply feed

Power supply downstream

1 | + 24 V DC US
2 | Output
3 | GND
4 | Input

1 | +24 V DC US
2 | +24 V DC UP
3 | GND
4 | GND



Input | Output

Top view 

I/O connection 

Connector assignment 
IP2400-Bxxx, 8 mm, snap type

IP2400-Bxxx, 8 mm, snap type

The IP2400-Bxxx digital I/O module has sixteen channels that can be used as eight inputs and eight outputs. The signals are connected through 8 mm snap type connectors, both of which have four pins (with separate input and output pins). Adapter cables are available for use in input-only or output-only cases, as well as connectors for field assemby. It is also possible to use the power supply cable directly as the sensor cable. The outputs handle load currents of up to 0.5 A, are short-circuit proof and protected against inverse polarity. The state of each signal is indicated by means of light emitting diodes.

Product status:

Regular delivery (not recommended for new projects)

Product information

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