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IL23xx-Cxxx | Digital combi

IL23xx-Cxxx | Digital combi

The IL230x-Cxxx PLC Box modules combine four digital inputs and four digital outputs in one device.

Fieldbus Box with PLC functionality

The Fieldbus Box with PLC function is an intelligent fieldbus module for the decentralized pre-processing of I/O signals. This is a way of removing parts of the application out of the central control system to relieve the CPU and the fieldbus. Decentralized counting, regulation or switching are typical applications for the Fieldbus Box with integrated small controller. The reaction times are independent of the bus communication and of the higher-level controller. In the event of a bus or controller failure, maintenance of function (e.g., bringing the process to a safe state in an orderly manner) is possible.

Almost unlimited I/O application possibilities result from the extendable Coupler Box with PLC functionality and IP-Link. Up to 120 extension modules with 960 I/Os can be directly addressed from the PLC program. The programmable PLC Box modules are therefore particularly suitable as autonomous small PLCs for the control of parts of a plant or of small machines.

Programming takes place using TwinCAT, independent of the manufacturer, according to IEC 61131-3 – i.e. with the same programming environment as with the TwinCAT PC Control system. Five different programming languages are available: instruction list (IL), function block diagram (FBD), ladder diagram (LD), sequential function chart (SFC) and the high-level language structured text (ST). The program download occurs either via the fieldbus or via the programming interface. Extensive debugging functions (breakpoint, single step, monitoring, etc.) are also available.

The Fieldbus Box series with PLC function features a powerful 16-bit controller, 32/96 kB program memory and 32/64 kB data memory. A further 512 bytes of non-volatile memory are available for remanent flags.