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CX8200 | Embedded PC series

A modern CPU architecture and more computing power for compact controls

The CX8200 Embedded PC series is a further development of the existing CX8100 series and combines higher computing power in a compact format for a wide range of automation tasks. Equipped with a faster, modern ARM Cortex™-A53 processor with 64 bit architecture, users benefit from a significantly higher clock frequency of 1.2 GHz and two cores for compact controls. The multi-core CPUs allow PLC projects to be distributed to several cores for significantly enhanced performance. The CX8200 Embedded PC series forms the link between the CX7000 and CX8100 series on one hand, and the CX9240 on the other, opening up whole new application areas and possibilities thanks to the more modern CPU and the same low power consumption. A particular highlight of the new series is the significantly faster 1 Gbit Ethernet interface and the expansion of the main memory to a larger 1 GB LPDDR4 RAM, which represents double the main memory compared to the predecessor series. What’s more, the series also offers a USB 3.0 interface that can be used for connecting wireless and cellular components or additional USB storage media.

The main features of the CX8200 device series include:

  • high-performance 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex™ A53 CPUs with two cores
  • USB 3.0 interface for wireless and cellular communication
  • built-in capacitive 1-second UPS
  • TwinCAT NC PTP available
  • platform level 20 in TwinCAT 3

The boot and storage medium is an interchangeable, industry-standard microSD card, which can be accessed via a covered slot. This is used to store not only the operating system, but also TwinCAT and user projects. As a result, hardware can be replaced rapidly in the case of service, and software updates can be performed on site by simply replacing the microSD card. The use of TwinCAT/BSD offers a comprehensive, secure multi-user operating system.

The built-in capacitive 1-second UPS ensures secure backup of persistent application data on the microSD card, and the date and time are buffered via a maintenance-free capacitor.

Users benefit from powerful object-oriented programming capabilities and a wide range of software components (Functions) from the TwinCAT 3 portfolio. They are cost-optimized for use on the CX8200 device platform. The TwinCAT automation software turns the CX8200 system into a high-performance PLC and motion control system. Proven features of the CX8000 series are also proviced, such as the automatic E-bus/K-bus recognition as well as the extended operating temperature range between -25 and +60°C for application in climatically demanding situations.

With the CX8200 series, Beckhoff offers a compact controller that supports a wide range of bus systems in addition to EtherCAT. The CX8210 EtherCAT slave, the CX8280 for serial protocols, and the CX8290 for different Ethernet protocols are available as interfaces. The fieldbus and communication system support will be extended, e.g. PROFINET, CANopen, PROFIBUS.

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