Beckhoff Live + Interactive

Digital offer for SPS 2021

Due to the high infection numbers with COVID-19, we unfortunately had to cancel our participation at the SPS exhibition in Nuremberg. With our livestream Beckhoff Live + Interactive, we have created an adequate virtual substitute to present to the public our many exciting innovations, technological evolutions from the fields of IPC, I/O, motion and automation, and – with our MX-System – even a revolution for automation without control cabinets.

Missed our daily entertaining technology livestreams or want to watch something in particular once again? You can access the recordings at any time in our media library.

Watch all recordings in the media center now: Beckhoff Live + Interactive

  • Recordings of our daily livestream directly from a non-public replica of our booth on our company premises
  • Product news, highlights and a revolution in a compact, entertaining format
  • host: Roland van Mark, Senior Product Manager IPC,
    Felix Schulte, Product Manager XPlanar

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MX-System: New construction kit for automation replaces the control cabinet

  • automation of machines and plants without control cabinets
  • reduces planning effort for machine design by up to 90% and in some cases shortened control cabinet construction from 24 hours to 1 hour
  • simple, space-saving and, if required, also distributed mounting directly on the machine
  • fewer components as well as no additional protective housings and no single-core wiring
  • electrical technicians not necessarily required during assembly
  • easy module replacement via hot swap function

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XTS with No Cable Technology (NCT)

  • touchless power supply and synchronous real-time data communication on the individual XTS movers
  • additional functionality as a further quantum leap with regard to machine flexibility
  • XTS as a highly flexible multi-robot system
  • motion sequences directly on the mover, e.g. for product alignment
  • mover with gripper, lifting magnet or vacuum cup as mobile handling system
  • integrated data communication for unique mover, tool and product identification as well as for condition and process monitoring on the mover

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TwinCAT: open, modular, innovative and successful for 25 years

  • the established software platform for PC-based control
  • over 2 million automation solutions
  • full integration with Microsoft Visual Studio®

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The AA3033: improved dynamics, better for the carbon footprint too

  • environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional pneumatic cylinder
  • electric cylinder with 12.5 kN peak force and 3.7 kN continuous force (depending on model)

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TwinCAT Machine Learning Server allows AI inference on hardware accelerators

  • standard PLC library for programming in TwinCAT 3
  • supports the standardized ONNX data format for hundreds of AI models
  • execution as an independent process close to real time

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XPlanar: maximum freedom in product transport

  • 2D product transport with 6 degrees of freedom: the XPlanar planar motor system
  • planar movers hover jerk-free and contact-free at up to 2 m/s over planar tiles in any desired arrangement
  • individual, precise, and highly dynamic positioning facilitates compact system design and a reduced footprint

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