Nov 28, 2017

SPS IPC Drives

With TwinCAT Vision, Beckhoff has incorporated comprehensive image processing capabilities into its PC-based control system.

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TwinCAT Vision för sömlös integration av bildbehandlingsprogram i automationsteknologin

Med TwinCAT Vision integrerar Beckhoff omfattande bildbehandlingsfunktioner i sin PC baserade plattform. Därmed ingår i TwinCAT alla maskinfunktioner så som PLC, motion, robotik, avancerad mätteknik, IoT, HMI och nu även Vision i en och samma öppna plattform. Separata och för det mesta externt utvecklade visualiseringslösningar behövs inte längre. Detta öppnar dessutom möjligheter för en stor innovationspotential inom maskinteknik, t ex genom synkronisering med andra automationsuppgifter i realtid eller stöd för avancerade track-and-trace lösningar.


The TwinCAT software system turns almost any PC-based system into a real-time control with multiple PLC, NC, CNC and/or robotics runtime systems.


TwinCAT erbjuder en mångfald av funktioner och olika programvarukomponenter för alla typer av automatiseringar.

TF700x | TwinCAT 3 GigE Vision Connector


TwinCAT 3 GigE Vision Connector offers the possibility to integrate GigE Vision cameras directly into the TwinCAT architecture. TF700x is also GigE Vision certified. The cameras are configured in the same development environment as fieldbus components or axes without any third-party software. Triggered from the real-time, image capture and PLC or motion control can be operated in a highly synchronized way.

TF7100 | TwinCAT 3 Vision Base


TwinCAT 3 Vision Base provides an extensive PLC library with a large number of widely varying functions and algorithms for solving image processing tasks, such as e.g. algebraic image operations, filters, Fourier analyses, color image processing, segmentation, contour and blob analysis or results presentation, as well as for reading and writing camera parameters. In addition to PLC, motion control, robotics and measurement technology, image processing is now also available as directly integrated functionality in the TwinCAT system.

TF7200 | TwinCAT 3 Vision Matching 2D


TwinCAT 3 Vision Matching 2D expands the TwinCAT Vision functionality by the possibility to find and compare objects based on learned references, contours, feature points or other properties (template matching/keypoint detection and descriptor matching).

TF7250 | TwinCAT 3 Vision Code Reading


TwinCAT 3 Vision Code Reading includes functions for reading various 1D and 2D codes. This provides the basis for being able to check code content directly in real time and to track products during the manufacturing process. It eleminates the need for additional interfaces and runtime delays in communication with external devices.

TF7300 | TwinCAT 3 Vision Metrology 2D


TwinCAT 3 Vision Metrology 2D offers various options for the detection of edges, holes and circular arcs as well as the determination of lengths, distances, diameters, angles and coordinates, all with sub-pixel accuracy.

TwinCAT Vision

TwinCAT Vision expands the TwinCAT world with an integrated image processing solution. For applications like Industrie 4.0., quality optimization and track-and-trace.