Nov 28, 2017

SPS IPC Drives

The new AMP8000 distributed Servo Drive system from Beckhoff breaks new ground for modular machine concepts. The space-saving AMP8000 integrates a servo drive directly into a servomotor in an ultra-compact design. By relocating the power electronics directly into the machine, the control cabinet only needs to house a single coupling module to supply power to multiple servo drives with a single cable via a distribution module. The result: significant savings in terms of cost, space, materials and installation effort.

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AMP8000: Distribuerat servo drivsystem

Det distribuerade servosystemet AMP8000 öppnar nya möjligheter för modulära och kompakta maskinlösningar. AMP8000 integrerar servodriften direkt i servomotorn i mycket kompakt design. Genom att flytta kraftelektroniken direkt till maskinen minskar platsbehovet i apparatskåpet till en mycket liten kopplingsmodul som via en strömfördelningsmodul och med endast en enda kabel förser flera servosystem med energi. Resultatet: tydliga besparingar gällande material, plats, kostnader och montering.

Distributed servo drive systems

The highly efficient drive system for modular machines and machines without control cabinets combines servo drive and motor in one unit.

AX8000 | Multi-axis servo system

The AX8000 is the space-saving solution for applications with more than two axes. Extensive TwinSAFE functions allow a safe machine design.

AX5000 | Digital compact servo drives

The AX5000 is offered in a wide performance range and offers a flexible motor and feedback interface as well as optional TwinSAFE functions.

AMP8800 | Decentralized distribution module

The distribution module flexibly expands the system by additional connections for the AMP8000 distributed servo drives and the EtherCAT-P Box modules in the highest protection class.