2-channel EtherCAT motion interface EL7062

Flexible and cost-effective stepper motor terminal with 6 A total current

The EL7062 2-channel EtherCAT Terminal is designed for the direct connection of two stepper motors in the medium power range of up to 3 A and for a voltage range of 8 to 48 V. With flexible parameterization and minimized channel costs, the motion interface is suitable for a wide range of applications and for price-sensitive stepper motor applications in particular.

In an extremely compact form factor, the EL7062 EtherCAT Terminal contains stepper motor output stage, two digital inputs for limit switches and one encoder interface per channel for a wide range of 5 V encoders. Via parameterization, the EL7062 can be flexibly adapted to the motor to be operated and the corresponding application requirements. With regard to the input encoder signal, the entire spectrum of TTL encoders (5 V differential, single-ended/open collector) is supported. Particularly smooth and precise motor operation is ensured by very high-resolution microstepping.

The maximum total output current is 6 A, so that typically two 3 A stepper motors can be operated. This can also be configured variably, i.e., the motion interface can also be configured for a 2 and a 4 A motor, for example. With the ZB8610 fan module, which is available as an accessory, the maximum power even increases to 5 A per channel. The use of the EL7062 2-channel variant significantly reduces the channel price compared to the 1-channel solutions.

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