Beckhoff at Automatica 2012
PLC, Motion Control, HMI, measurement technology and robotics in a single Industrial PC – with PC-based control.

To secure future competitive advantages in the increasingly global competition means: to further increase the level of automation. You can see how an approach might look for your company in Hall B1, Booth 308, with PC-based Control from Beckhoff.
Come and see our range of solutions for robotics, assembly, handling, control, safety and drive technology applications. PC-based control with TwinCAT 3, EtherCAT and TwinSAFE enables high-performance and efficient integration of standard control and robot kinematics on a single Industrial PC. Significant reduction of engineering and life-cycle costs through combination of configuration, parameterisation and diagnostics in a single system are state of the art at Beckhoff.
PC-based Control: Efficient integration of robot kinematics in standard control systems
eXtended Automation: new opportunities for robotics with TwinCAT 3.
With TwinCAT 3, the new software generation for PC-based control technology, C/C++ and Matlab®/Simulink® are available as programming languages in addition to IEC 61131-3. This makes integration of special robot kinematics quite straight-
forward. In cases where special controllers have to be used, they can simply be integrated as Matlab®/Simulink® models.
TwinCAT 3
Complete solution for robot controllers.
High-performance Industrial PC with TwinCAT automation software, EtherCAT Terminals for fast data communication, and EtherCAT servo drives for connection of highly dynamic servomotors.
Scalable drive technology.
Servo and stepper motor terminals for connection of small drives directly in the EtherCAT terminal system enable amongst others more cost-effective small robotics applications. Drive Technology
The new AM8000 servomotor.
These synchronous servomotors are characterised by high dynamics, energy efficiency and low costs. With the new One Cable Technology, power and feedback signals are transmitted via the standard motor cable, without the need for a separate feedback cable, resulting in a further cost advantage from the very beginning.
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Swapped principle: the linear motor with circular motion
Drive Technology – rethought: XTS – eXtended Transport System


PC-based Control: Integration of robot kinematics in the standard control system
TwinCAT 3: eXtended Automation for robotics applications
Site Plan Automatica 2012
Site Plan Automatica 2012