Beckhoff at Drupa 2012
Make sure you make optimum use of your processor power, with Scientific Automation for the printing industry.

At our Booth in Hall 3 we demonstrate our integrated PC-based control and drive solution for all aspects of the printing process. With Scientific Automation we define advanced automation technology and illustrate how a PC can deal with all key tasks, including PLC and Motion Control for the control and handling of printing machines, as well as special tasks such as print mark and track edge control, imbalance monitoring, and more.
This means that complex special hardware is no longer required, and the multi-core potential of your PC can be fully utilised with our new TwinCAT 3 control software.
PC-based Control for printing and paper machines
Highly integrated PC control solution replaces special hardware
Scientific Automation is based on high-performance PC hardware, using cutting-edge processor technology. The Beckhoff Industrial PC series integrates the latest second-generation Intel® processors, i.e. Intel® Core™ i3, Core™ i5 and Core™ i7. The CX2000 Embedded PC range makes multi-core technology available in compact embedded devices
for the first time. CX2000
EtherCAT: high-speed-communication in printing processes
EtherCAT is the basis for fast process communication In combination with fast EtherCAT I/Os it is possible, for example,
to implement the register control with standard control and Drive Technology, without the need for special hardware and dedicated drive controllers. High-speed communication enables Motion Control with many axes, synchronised through distributed clocks, with nanosecond precision. EtherCAT
Scalable Drive Technology and servomotors with one-cable technology
With its comprehensive range of scalable drive solutions Beckhoff covers a wide range of applications, including ultra-compact servo terminals and highly dynamic EtherCAT drives from the AX5000 series with up to 170 A capacity. The Drive Technology is complemented by the new Beckhoff servomotors from the AM8000 series, which cover a wide range of applications from 0.9 to 65 Nm standstill torque. One of the highlights is the new one-cable technology, with which the power and feedback system are combined in the standard motor cable. Drive Technology
TwinCAT 3: efficient engineering and free choice of programming language
TwinCAT 3 enables optimal distribution of applications to the CPU cores and is therefore able to make full use of the processor power. Efficient software engineering is enabled through embedding in Microsoft Visual Studio® as an integrated development environment. TwinCAT 3 supports all common programming standards, including C/C++ and
IEC 61131-3 with object-oriented extension. This means, for example, that the controller can be programmed in C/C++, while the system simulation is programmed with Matlab®/Simulink®. TwinCAT 3
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Swapped principle: the linear motor with circular motion
Drive Technology – rethought: XTS – eXtended Transport System


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