Beckhoff at E-world 2015

Basic technologies for implementing Industry 4.0 concepts such as horizontal or vertical machine networking and Cloud-based connectivity within the “Smart Factory” are also becoming more and more important in the energy field – here under the keyword “Smart Energy”.

Together with several partner companies, Beckhoff will demonstrate at E-world how to employ PC-based control to implement intelligent solutions in energy and water industry applications. As a uniform hardware and software platform based on standard automation components, Embedded PC technology from Beckhoff becomes the foundation for future Smart Grids. It monitors, controls and simulates power grids, while standard interfaces ensure consistent communication from the sensor to the Cloud.

PC-based control combines Smart Metering and Big Data

With PC-based control technology, Beckhoff provides the ideal basis for Smart Metering. Acquired in networked buildings, properties, cities or industrial installations, the consumption data for power, water, heat or gas can be made available via the Cloud. These huge data amounts (Big Data) can be used by users, operators and communities to analyse and optimise their energy utilisation, because malfunctions or areas of excessive consumption are easily identified.

PC-based control combines Smart Metering and Big Data

Embedded PC:
Control, closed-loop control and data pre-processing

Bus Terminals: Consumption data logging
– direct sensor connection
– fieldbus systems: EtherCAT, PROFINET, BACnet/IP, etc.
– subsystems: M-Bus, LON, EIB/KNX, EnOcean, etc.

Engineering, PLC, database connectivity and secure communication via OPC UA

Monitoring, control and simulation of power grids

Beckhoff has in-depth expertise in open and closed-loop control and communication technologies for power and energy applications. For example, over 30,000 wind energy systems worldwide are equipped with Beckhoff control components. All functions from operations management to pitch control to wind farm networking are controlled via Embedded PCs.

With PC-based control incl. system-integrated power measurement terminals Beckhoff provides the technology needed to monitor and control power grids:
  • Recognition of overloaded neutral conductors and potential trouble sources for electronic components by analysing the third harmonic wave
  • Recognition of vector jumps on the network (disconnection of generators)
  • Control of generators to achieve grid codes and stabilise the network
System-integrated energy measurement with fieldbus connection

System-integrated energy measurement with fieldbus connection

Being able to precisely identify where and how much energy is being used is a prerequisite for lowering your energy costs. The modular EtherCAT Terminals from Beckhoff offer a simple, system-integrated solution for measuring energy usage anywhere in a building or system. The EL3403 multimeter terminal, the EL3413 high-feature multimeter and the EL3773 network oscilloscope cover a wide range of applications. Measurement

Universal communication from M2M to the networked city

Universal communication from M2M to the networked city

Beckhoff supports all common communication protocols on the software as well as the hardware side. TwinCAT, for example, has the telecontrol protocols according to the IEC 60870-5-101, -102, -103 and -104 standards, the IEC 61850 standard, and the data model of the IEC 61400-25 standard implemented by default. It also supports the standards most widely used in building automation applications, such as Ethernet TCP/IP or BACnet/IP. And OPC UA keeps your communications secure, for example when analysing data via the Cloud (Big Data). TwinCAT 3

Embedded PC control: scalable control technology

The Embedded PC series from Beckhoff features high scalability in terms of price as well as processing and real-time performance – from the compact and affordable CX8000 series with ARM CPUs to the new CX5100 series with Intel® Atom™ multi-core processors to the CX2000 high-performance controller with Intel® Core™ micro-architecture. The CX2040 Embedded PC with its quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 CPU running at 2.1 GHz is designed for compute-intensive applications such as controlling MATLAB®/Simulink® modules. With TwinCAT, complex control tasks can even be assigned to separate CPU cores. CX5100 | CX2000

Embedded PC control: scalable control technology

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PC-based control links Smart Metering with Big Data
Integrated data acquisition for power consumption provides ideal basis for efficient energy management

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