CX50x0-N020 | Embedded PC with audio interface
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USB connection
DVI connection
Optional audio interface
Battery compartment
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Flash insert (behind the flap)

CX50x0-N020 | Embedded PC with audio interface

The CX50x0-N020 is an optional audio interface for the devices from the CX5000 family. It provides the typical PC audio 3.5 mm jacks ‘Line In’, ‘Line Out’ and ‘Mic In’ and is factory-installed in the option slot of the CX5000 devices. Of course, this means that a fieldbus master or slave can no longer be used in this position; instead, the required component can be connected at any time to the Embedded PC as EtherCAT Terminals.

The CX50x0-N020 audio interface is aimed at applications in both the industrial and building service sectors. In the industrial environment it is possible to output signal or warning sounds or also pre-recorded audio files, e.g. with maintenance or error messages in plain speech. There are a large variety of possible applications in buildings, because the Embedded PC can also play back music files or accept commands by means of speech recognition, for example to open doors, or to switch lights on/off or dim them.

Music files can even be played back via a 5.1 surround loudspeaker system, because the Line In, Line Out and Mic In sockets can all be configured as loudspeaker outputs. Typically, the ‘Line In’ socket is configured as the output for the left and right rear speakers, and the ‘Line Out’ socket serves the left and right front speakers. ‘Mic In’ becomes the output for the centre speaker and the subwoofer. Audio and video applications thus benefit from high-quality sound reproduction. However, the 5.1 function is presently available only with the Windows Embedded Standard operating system.

CX5000 Embedded PC

CX50x0-N020 with 5.1 surround loudspeaker system
CX50x0-N020 with 5.1 surround loudspeaker system