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Stand-alone solution with standard components: Embedded PC plus power measurement terminals.

Using inexpensive standard components instead of expensive stand-alone solutions: In its simplest form, the flexible Beckhoff solution for compact energy meters is based on a DIN rail-mounted Embedded PC, a power measurement terminal and TwinCAT software. The wide range of different modular power measurement terminals extends from the measurement of current, voltage and active power up to high-end power analysis. The PC-based solution enables simple integration into IT and Ethernet networks and can implement functions such as remote diagnostics via Web interfaces, for example. This solution is ideal for all fields of application: from building automation to decentralised energy measurement in production facilities.


Embedded PC CX

Embedded PC CX: With the CX series of Embedded PCs, Beckhoff has combined PC technology and modular I/O level to form a DIN rail unit in the control cabinet.

Power measurement terminals

Power measurement terminals:  EtherCAT Terminals for system-integrated power measurement and analysis

Energy measurement terminals

Energy measurement terminals:  Measurement technology integrated into the EtherCAT I/O system