Speech-based input and output for control systems

With TwinCAT, the automation system operates as smoothly and efficiently as the human body. The Industrial PC with TwinCAT Runtime provides the intellectual capacity, TwinCAT Motion Control ensures precise and dynamic movements, the most varied interfaces for sensors and bus systems supply information, and TwinCAT Vision added vision capabilities as a fully integrated component. With the new TwinCAT Speech software module, listening and speaking functions now complete the analogy with the capabilities of humans. The convenient speech-based input and output supports operation and maintenance personnel eliminating the need to access conventional control terminals.

  • communication via the standard audio output of the PC-based control system (sound card with speakers, headset, etc.)
  • ability to speak and understand a wide range of national languages (26 languages supported)
  • different male and female voices selectable
  • available online and offline (online: optionally with Amazon Polly; offline: Windows)
  • optional caching of online-generated audio files



TF4500: TwinCAT Speech enables the multilingual input and output of queries or information implemented in an industrially compatible way.