C9900-E301 RS232 PCIe module

C9900-E301 | RS232 PCIe module

PCIe modules from Beckhoff are highly integrated PCI Express plug-in cards that respond to the current trend towards increasingly smaller IPC devices.

The C9900-E301 PCIe module can be used to complement Industrial PCs with Beckhoff PCIe module slot by two serial RS232 interfaces. Due to the small dimensions of the module, two Harting ix Type B connectors are integrated into the front plate of the PCIe modules instead of the D-sub connectors commonly used with RS232. For adaptation to 9-pin D-sub connectors, the C9900-K920 adapter cable is available.

C9900-E301 RS232 PCIe module
  2 serial interfaces RS232
transfer rate up to 921,600 bps
2 sockets Harting ix Type B
requires 2 adapter cables C9900-K920 Harting ix Type B to D-sub 9-pin