CP-Link 3
CP-Link 3 | Ethernet- and IP protocol-based desktop transfer software
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CP-Link 3 | Ethernet- and IP protocol-based desktop transfer software

CP‑Link 3 transfers the desktop of a PC via Ethernet to several Panel PCs and the operator mouse and keyboard entries to the host PC. The screen contents are captured by a virtual graphic adapter in the host PC and sent using Ethernet to one or more Panel PCs with Windows operating systems (CE, XP Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard). Networking can be done using cost-effective standard Ethernet cables (CAT 5) which are suitable for drag chains.

Since the data and image transfer are based on TCP/IP, the operating and display functions can be extended using the Internet. Panel PCs can be integrated using the Internet via VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN service must be available for the Internet security functions.

Keyboard entries, touch screen and special key functions are transferred from the client to the host PC via Virtual USB. USB devices connected to a Panel PC appear in the host PC like locally plugged-in devices and can be used in the normal way.

Virtual USB emulates a USB root hub in the host PC. If a USB device is plugged into a Panel PC, then the virtual hub logs the device on to the operating system of the host PC and transparently transmits the ensuing communication. For the operating system, the USB device behaves as though it was directly connected to the PC. Virtual USB transfers the standards USB 1.1 and USB 2.0. As communication takes place using 100 Mbit/s Ethernet, the USB 2.0 transmission performance (480 Mbit/s) is restricted.

Additional input/output devices on the Panel PCs, such as rotary switches, buttons, etc., are read in by the host PC using an additional communication channel. Printers and webcams, which are connected to a Panel PC by means of USB, can be used from the host PC.

The scope of delivery for CP‑Link 3 includes host and client software. The host PC may have Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard installed. Panel PCs with Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard are used as clients. As the application software (PLC/NC, HMI, etc.), once started, runs on the host PC, any necessary software licenses are only payable once for the host PC. The client Panel PCs only receive image data. Apart from the operating system and CP‑Link 3, no other software license is required for the clients. Even for PCs with more than one graphics card only one license per application software is required. For host PCs of other vendors an upgrade license is required.

The CP‑Link 3 software is available in three versions: