Industrial PC series C61xx

Industrial PC series C61xx

The C61xx series of Industrial PCs has been designed for control cabinet installation. The Industrial PCs of this series and a Beckhoff Control Panel as operating unit make an ideal combination, representing a powerful platform for machine construction and plant engineering applications, for example with the TwinCAT automation software.

The C61xx control cabinet PC is equipped with maximum performance class components with Intel® Celeron®, Pentium® or Core™ i3/i5/i7 of the latest generation on an ATX motherboard. The PCs in the C61xx series are constructed according to a uniform plan, optimised for the exploitation of available space and easy accessibility of all components.

The construction of the housing for the C61xx series ensures long-term compatibility with any new PC components that appear over the next few years. If, in a few years, the Industrial PC needs to be upgraded, you swap the motherboard, the processor, the memory or the hard disk, but the housing remains unchanged and is compatible with the technology of the future.

All the PC’s connections face upwards, so that the connecting cable can be taken directly to the wiring channel. The side walls are completely passive and allow the Industrial PC to be fitted immediately next to other control cabinet devices.

The housing permits fast access to the fitted components. After removing the front cover, plug-in cards and drives are freely accessible. Hard disks are held by spring-loaded ball catches and can be removed in a single action. Three screws must be undone, after which the PC’s inner chassis, to which all the components are attached, can be removed from the outer housing. The inner chassis can be placed on a table in any orientation for maintenance purposes. When removed, the inner chassis still has the full function of a PC and can be operated with a standard monitor and a standard keyboard.

The C61xx series PCs are supplied with a 100 to 240 V AC full range or 24 V DC power supply unit. An industrial latching socket strip is used for the power supply. A CD/DVD-ROM or multi DVD drive can be fitted. Card holders for the plug-in cards generate insensitivity to shocks and vibrations. The card holders can be fixed and removed without tools.

A type plate is located on the front cover behind an inspection window, giving detailed information about the configuration of the PC. The construction of the housing has been designed to allow individual adaptation, and many features can be adjusted for your application.