The TwinSAFE components of the type controller/Logic enable the logic interconnection of safe I/Os. The components have certified safety function blocks, which can be adequately configured with regard to the application to be implemented. Depending on the level of development, they contain an integrated TwinSAFE Logic. Due to their modularity and versatility, the TwinSAFE terminals fit seamlessly into the Beckhoff control system. The I/O components are available as EtherCAT Terminal, EtherCAT Box, EtherCAT plug-in module and Bus Terminal. Under TwinCAT 3 the function "Steuerung/Controller" can be executed through the software-based safety control TwinCAT Safety PLC.

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EtherCAT Coupler
EK1960 TwinSAFE Compact Controller
EtherCAT Terminals
EL6900 TwinSAFE Logic
EL6910 TwinSAFE Logic
EL6930 FSoE/PROFIsafe logic and gateway terminal
EtherCAT plug-in modules
EJ6910 TwinSAFE Logic
Bus Terminal
KL6904 TwinSAFE Logic Bus Terminal
TwinCAT 3
TwinCAT Safety PLC software-based safety controller