One Cable Automation (OCA) with a hybrid connector portfolio, in accordance with the future IEC standards

Modular hybrid connectors as standard for decentralized automation

The Beckhoff portfolio of hybrid connectors, and thus One Cable Automation, has already proved itself thousands of times in the field. In addition to the technical advantages of consistent modularization with a uniform data core, standardization via the future IEC 61076-2-118 standard is set to boost the importance of these connectors for decentralized automation.

Hybrid connectors are essentially used to transmit power and data via a single line to save on cables and connectors. This solution, developed by Beckhoff together with a partner, offers the additional advantage of a high degree of modularity, permitting a wide range of variants for a host of different applications while also providing mechanical coding for connection security. There is thus a uniform data module that can be used in all four sizes – B12, B17, B23, and B40. This modularity actually simplifies matters hugely rather than creating additional work. What’s more, the clear color markings on the contact carrier match the wire color of the cable, which means that complex assignment plan detailing each individual pin assignment are no longer needed. Beckhoff hybrid connectors also comprise just ten individual components – significantly fewer than comparable third-party products. As the individual parts can only be assembled in one direction, the whole process is essentially intuitive and prevents any possibility of incorrect assembly from the outset. In combination with the data module, this usually reduces assembly time by two-thirds.

Connectors in accordance with the IEC standard

The aforementioned technical advantages provide the basic foundations for successfully establishing this connector as the connector for decentralized automation, i.e., One Cable Automation – especially since some 95,000 connectors have already proved themselves in the field. In addition, the Beckhoff hybrid connectors are among the first products to comply with the future IEC 61076-2-118 standard. This standard is expected to be published at the end of 2024. The primary aim of establishing a global standard like this is to ensure security for the customer or user, not only with regard to supply chains and second-source strategies, but also in terms of the level of product reliability defined by established and widely adopted standards. The key focal points here are always technology and future-proofing, and our hybrid connectors already tick these boxes with their modularity, uniform data core, and optimal design for OCA.

Mr. Neil Pearce

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