SCTxxxx | Overview current transformers

The SCT current transformers allow reliable power sensor technology to be implemented directly in the field as an integral part of the PC-based control system. Users can choose between two concepts, which are highly scalable thanks to various designs and performance classes and are thus suitable for any application. The SCT series portfolio is extremely diversified, ranging from the low-cost 3-phase transformer sets for properties and standard industrial transformers for mechanical engineering, through to solutions for test benches with particularly high requirements for accuracy.

The choice of the right product category depends on the type of usage: Whilst the data acquisition can be implemented cost-efficiently and with high measurement accuracy using the ring-type current transformers, particularly in new systems, the split-core current transformers are suitable as an uncomplicated retrofit solution due to the simplicity of their attachment.

In order to enable an easy selection independent of the design, all available current transformers are summarized in a list below.

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