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BCxxxx, BXxxxx | Bus Terminal Controllers

The Bus Terminal Controllers of the BC and BX series are small controllers with a high degree of flexibility: The I/O system consisting of modularly extendable electronic terminal blocks, interfaces for all market-relevant fieldbus systems and the integrated IEC-61131-3 PLC enables the Bus Terminal Controllers to be used as stand-alone control systems or as intelligent fieldbus slaves. The Bus Terminal Controller is programmed using the TwinCAT 2 programming system according to IEC 61131-3. The configuration or fieldbus interface of the controller is used for loading the PLC program. The main features that distinguish between the BX and BC series are the memory size and the number of extendable interfaces.

The BCxx00 Bus Terminal Controllers form a unit consisting of the controller, any number (up to 64) of terminals and a bus end terminal. In contrast to the BCxx50, BCxx20 and BXxx00 series, a terminal bus extension cannot be used.

The Compact BCxx50 and BCxx20 Bus Terminal Controllers are fitted in cost-optimized, compact housings and support the K-bus extension (up to 255 Bus Terminals).

The devices of the BX family have two serial interfaces. The device itself comprises an illuminated LC-display with 2 lines of 16 characters each, a joystick switch and a real-time clock. Further peripheral devices, e.g. displays, can be connected via the integrated Beckhoff Smart System Bus (SSB).

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