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PC-based control integrates all technical systems of entertainment technology on a single platform

The entertainment industry is booming worldwide, and at the same time the expectations of the audience are increasing, spectacular inscenations and special effects are high in demand. In soccer stadiums, entertainment parks, theatres, and cinemas or museums alike, the spectators are looking for flawless audio and video transmission, magical light and water effects, breath-taking kinetic installations and ultra-fast stage set changes. To achieve this, you not only need creative artists and designers, but also flexible and reliable control technology, which is able to communicate with all types of media systems and technical devices. The PC-based control specialist Beckhoff provides a modular range of components consisting of powerful Industrial PCs, TwinCAT automation software, modular I/O components and scalable drive technology components.

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Entertainment park

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  • Church St. Anna, Verl, Germany
  • Überwasserkirche, Münster, Germany
  • Church of Lomma, Sweden


Technical systems

Audio and video control

Audio and video control

Beckhoff control components for: Media control, audio installations, video installations and show control

Integrated automation

Integrated automation

Beckhoff control components for: Lighting, HVAC, energy measurement and facade

Digital signage control

Digital signage control

Beckhoff control components for: Point of Information (PoI), Point of Sale (PoS) and device monitoring

Operating and monitoring

Operating and monitoring

Beckhoff control components for: Device management, cloud-based services and condition monitoring