Prepared for the future with Gigabit-capable EtherCAT/Ethernet accessories

There is growing demand in industrial automation for future-proof cables and connectors. This particularly applies to the network infrastructure of the EtherCAT components.

With the expansion of the portfolio by Gigabit-capable pre-assembled cables and RJ45 connectors for field assembly, Beckhoff is looking to the future: the associated accessories have been tested up to 500 MHz for data rates up to 10 Gbits/s according to Category 6A. The cables and connectors have been tested according to the latest standards and directives and carry a UL/CSA approval.

The RJ45 connectors for field assembly are characterized by simple assembly and handling. The two new RJ45 connectors, ZS1090-0013 and ZS1090-0015, round off the complete portfolio and enable the universal use of all existing EtherCAT cables in the entire Beckhoff portfolio.

For the use of the Cat. 6A network infrastructure components in harsh environmental conditions, the already existing ZK1096-9191-0xxx IP 20 Cat. 6A patch cables have been supplemented by X-coded connectors. These X-coded M12 round connectors, named after the metallic X that separates the core pairs (according to IEC 61076-2-109), have the protection classes IP 65 and IP 67.

The Category 6A products mentioned can be used for EtherCAT, EtherCAT G and EtherCAT G10 as well as other network components that require a higher data transmission rate than 100 Mbit/s. The new components thus enable a very high data throughput with short cycle times and secure the plant availability – also for future higher requirements in communication between the Beckhoff components.



RJ45 plug field assembly, IP 20, shielded


plug, field assembly, RJ45, IP 20, straight, male, 8-pin, AWG22…27, PU = 10 pieces, Ø 5.0…9.0 mm, shielded


RJ45, plug, straight, male, 8-pin – RJ45, plug, straight, male, 8-pin


M12, plug, straight, male, 8-pin, X-coded – RJ45, plug, straight, male, 8-pin


M12, plug, straight, male, 8-pin, X-coded - M12, plug, straight, male, 8-pin, X-coded