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AG2250 | Planetary gear units for servo and stepper motors

Planetary gear units for servo and stepper motors

The AG2250 series completes the range of inexpensive, compact drive technology. The gear units are particularly suitable for applications in which a torsional backlash of < 20 arcmin is necessary. They are optimally matched to all flange sizes of the (distributed) AM8100/AMI8100 servomotors as well as the AS2000 stepper motors.

The inertia ratios, the necessary torques and the motors that are then usable can be calculated very conveniently in TwinCAT using the TwinCAT 3 Motion Designer. In addition, the tool checks in a single step whether the selected motor can be adapted to the gear unit. The planetary gear units are fitted to the respective motor in the factory and delivered as a complete motor/gear unit. The AG2250 series also contains angled planetary gears for the space-saving attachment of motors at a right-angle.

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