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Beckhoff Identification Code (BIC)

General information about the BIC on Beckhoff products

A machine-readable code in the form of a DataMatrix code (DMC code scheme ECC200) can be found on all Beckhoff products – the Beckhoff Identification Code (BIC). It contains various product-specific information that can be captured digitally by scanning the code. In addition, the BIC offers the possibility of product tracking (product traceability).

The BIC is located in different places depending on the product. It can be found directly on the product and/or on the packaging unit.

The BIC will be introduced gradually for each respective product family.

Coded contents of the BIC

The data encoded in the BIC, as well as their sequence and length, are specified. If the coded data is shorter than the specified position length, the missing data is replaced with empty spaces. All information in the BIC can be identified by what is called a data identifier (according to ANSI standard MH10.8.2-2016). Each BIC, regardless of the product, always contains the following information:

1: The data identifier "SBTN" ("S", according to the ANSI standard MH10.8.2-2016 for the serial number) additionally contains the Beckhoff specific string "BTN".
Position No. Data type Data ID Description
1 Order number 1P Beckhoff order number
2 Beckhoff Traceability Number (BTN)1 SBTN Unique serial number (see below)
3 Article description 1K Beckhoff article description, e.g. EL1008
4 Quantity Q Quantity in sales unit, e.g. 1, 10, 100, …

Further information may be included in the BIC depending on the product and product group. An example of the contents of the BIC on I/O products can be found below.

Recommendations and hints for reading the BIC

When selecting a suitable scanner for reading the BIC, the following factors should be considered:

  • 2D code compatibility
  • high resolution of at least 0.2 mm (7.5 mils) and 0.15 mm or better (6 mils) for 2D codes
  • red or white illumination (the latter relevant for EtherCAT Terminals of the ELX series, for example)

Scanners are usually connected via a USB cable and recognized as an input device in HID mode. In this case, no separate driver needs to be installed. It should be noted, however, that the scanner must be set to the country-specific character set used in order to properly emulate the keyboard used.

Product-specific coded contents

The BIC is already present on many I/O products. The following table lists the data specification for the I/O range, including data identifiers and examples:

1: The data identifier "SBTN" ("S", according to the ANSI standard MH10.8.2-2016 for the serial number) additionally contains the Beckhoff specific string "BTN".

2: The batch number encoded in the BIC corresponds to the "Ser. Nr." and "Rev. Nr." that are laser-etched onto the EtherCAT Terminal.

Position No. Data type Data ID No. of characters (length) Example
1 Beckhoff order number 1P 8 1P074839
2 Beckhoff Traceability Number (BTN)1 SBTN 12 SBTN00027q6j
3 Article description 1K 32 1KEL2889
4 Quantity Q 6 Q1
5 Batch number2 2P 14 2P072000080018

Contents of the BIC: 1P026703SBTN000hxlob1KEL3162........................Q1....2P072213260019