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Signal distribution board

The EtherCAT plug-in modules can be attached directly to a PCB. This application-specific PCB (signal distribution board) distributes the signals and the power supply to individual application-specific connectors in order to connect the controller to further machine modules.

EJ starter board

With the EJ8906-0005 starter board, Beckhoff offers a quick introduction into the plug-and-work production process in mechanical engineering. The starter board contains a predefined PCB (signal distribution board) complete with corresponding slots for EtherCAT plug-in modules of any form factor, as well as mating connectors for integrating the cable harnesses.

Development of an individual signal distribution board

Beckhoff offers various options for the development and project implementation of an individual signal distribution board:

Easy to integrate into in-house electronics The customer selects the EJ modules required for the application from the product portfolio. The signal distribution board can be developed by the customer themselves on the basis of a design guide, allowing them to utilize their in-house development capabilities and protect their expertise.
As a customer-specific complete solution on request Beckhoff offers development and production of signal distribution boards as a service. A service comprising the development phase only is not offered.
Plug-and-work with complete I/O box Beckhoff offers development and production of an I/O controller box in an IP20 housing as a service.
Plug-and-work with complete control cabinet Beckhoff provides individual control cabinet concepts from the company’s in-house systems engineering to implement projects quickly and secure a competitive edge. The signal distribution board is integrated directly into the system solution.

Basic functions in the basic version
Basic functions in the basic version

The signal distribution board shown here is provided as an example, to illustrate the function. The basic version only includes basic functions; placeholder modules are used for all unused function modules in the module segment.

With functional units in the extended version
With functional units in the extended version

In the extended version these placeholders are replaced by EtherCAT modules according to the functional units; they differ depending on the machine (e.g., by different feedback modules for different motor types).

Full functional range with the high-end version
Full functional range with the high-end version

The high-end version offers the full range of functions or the complete signal distribution board. In addition, application-specific elements of the control system that are only rarely required can be implemented using EtherCAT. Optional extensions can be implemented using EtherCAT Terminals or EtherCAT Box modules.

The system is particularly practical in mass production, where many of the I/O modules used are identical, thus fulfilling the platform concept.

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