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Fieldbus Box and IO-Link box


Fieldbus systems

Fieldbus systems

The Beckhoff Fieldbus Box modules are available for the most common, standardized fieldbuses.

Compact Box

Compact Box

The Compact Box modules have a direct fieldbus connection and offer a wide range of I/O functions.

Coupler Box

Coupler Box

The Fieldbus Coupler Box collects I/O data from the Extension Box moduels via the interference-free IP-Link connection.



The Fieldbus Box with PLC function is an intelligent fieldbus module for the decentralized pre-processing of I/O signals.

Extension Box

Extension Box

The Extension Box modules cover the entire range of I/O signals.

IO-Link box

IO-Link box

The IO-Link box modules enable a cost-effective and flexible sensor connection in extremely harsh environments.

Fieldbus Modules

Fieldbus Modules

The Fieldbus modules allow the direct connection of thermocouples via EtherCAT or PROFIBUS.

Fieldbus Box modules for all common fieldbus systems

The Compact Box serves as a fieldbus station with a wide variety of I/O functions – without expansion options. Coupler Box and PLC Box can be extended via the Extension Box modules. Communication takes place via IP-Link. IP-Link is an optical fiber communications connection with a data transfer rate of 2 Mbit/s which is capable of transmitting 1000 items of binary I/O data in approx. 1 ms, rapidly and securely. Smaller configurations are correspondingly faster. Because of the high usable data rate, the IP-Link coupling does not reduce the performance of the fieldbus at all.

The Coupler Box collects the I/O data and corresponds in terms of its function to the Bus Coupler from the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system. With the PLC Box – analogous to the Bus Terminal Controller in the Bus Terminal system – an intelligent fieldbus module is available for decentralized pre-processing of the I/O signals. This allows application parts to be outsourced from the central controller to relieve the CPU and the fieldbus. Decentralized counting, regulation or switching are typical applications for the Fieldbus Box with integrated small controller. The reaction times are independent of the bus communication and of the higher-level controller. In the event of a bus or controller failure, maintenance of function (e.g., bringing the process to a safe state in an orderly manner) is possible.

Advantages at a glance

Robust construction allows Fieldbus Box modules to be fitted directly to machines. A control cabinet and terminal box is no longer required.

The modules are constructed according to IP65, IP66 and IP67 protection rating, fully potted, and are thus ideally prepared for use in wet, dirty and dusty working environments.

The modules are extremely small and are particularly suitable for applications with limited space. The small mass facilitates applications with a mobile I/O interface (e.g., on a robot arm).

Conventional fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS or CANopen are connected via Coupler Box modules. These are modularly extendable through cost-effective extension modules. The EtherCAT Box modules communicate directly with EtherCAT and require no additional Coupler Box.

All the most important fieldbus systems are supported. This substantially frees electrical design from the particular bus system in use. Fast, flexible reactions to customer's requirements are possible. The Fieldbus Box modules are, of course, certified by the respective fieldbus user organizations, and can be combined with Beckhoff Bus Terminals and with devices from third-party manufacturers.

The large range of signal variants makes it possible to connect almost any type of sensor and actuator. Communication modules support, for example, the decentralized connection of label printers, identification systems and special devices. The Fieldbus Box range also offers encoder interfaces for displacement and angle measurement.

Sensors and actuators are connected through 8 mm diameter snap-on connectors or through screw-in connectors (M8 or M12). The snap-on connectors lock in place positively, forming a shake-proof connection, while the screw-in connectors offer the advantage of high resistance to being pulled out.

In addition to the pre-assembled cables, field assembly connectors and cables are also available for maximum flexibility.

Quickly wired
The wiring of the fieldbus and of signals is significantly simplified through the use of pre-assembled cables. Wiring faults are effectively prevented, thereby optimizing commissioning times.

Combined I/O modules and the high signal granularity lead to low system costs – you only have to buy what you really need.