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CU8110-0120 | UPS component, capacitive

CU8110-0120 | UPS component, capacitive

CU8110-0120 | UPS component, capacitive

CU8110-0120 | UPS component, capacitive

CU8110-0120 | UPS component, capacitive

CU8110-0120 is a capacitive, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) providing up to 0.9 Wh with a maximum output power of 100 W.

If the external 24 V DC input voltage is lost, the UPS takes over the supply of the devices connected to it thanks to its regulated and buffered 24 V DC output voltage.

The CU81xx UPS series is suitable for all Beckhoff components, particularly Industrial PCs, Embedded PCs, Panels, and Panel PCs.

The main features of this UPS are:

  • maintenance-free thanks to capacitive energy storage devices based on double-layer film capacitors (EDLCs)
  • UPS can be mounted on a DIN rail or at the rear panel of the control cabinet
  • connection option for a main device (e.g. Industrial PC) and a secondary device (e.g. Control Panel)
  • short-circuit protected outputs
  • automatic switch-off based on time or residual energy control to protect the energy module
  • automatic restart when power is restored (autonomous start)
  • protocol-based communication with Industrial PC, optionally via OCT (One Cable Technology) or USB
  • digital signals for communication with non-protocol-capable end devices
  • parameterization and diagnostics via Beckhoff UPS software on various operating systems
  • TwinCAT PLC function blocks for querying the UPS operation

The three diagnostic LEDs show the status of the input voltage, the output voltage, and the state of charge and indicate possible error states.

A special feature of the Beckhoff CU81xx devices is OCT (One Cable Technology) as communication technology between UPS and Industrial PC. This means that the two connecting lines (+24 V, 0 V) between the Industrial PC and the UPS are used not only to supply the Industrial PC, but also for bidirectional, modulated data transmission. If both sides are OCT-capable, no further connection, e.g., via USB, is required. This simplifies cabling and also allows longer connection distances compared to USB.

All UPS devices of the CU81xx series have permanent wiring via two 9-pin plugs, so that the wiring does not have to be disconnected during service.

Note: Please refer to the product documentation for the retention times that can be achieved with the UPS and important information on installation and safe operation of the devices.

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