Servo Drives


AX8000 | Multi-axis servo system

The AX8000 is the space-saving solution for applications with more than two axes. Extensive TwinSAFE functions allow a safe machine design.

AX5000 | Digital compact servo drives

The AX5000 is offered in a wide performance range and offers a flexible motor and feedback interface as well as optional TwinSAFE functions.

AMP8000 | Distributed servo drives

Synchronous servomotor with integrated servo drive for the realization of modular machine concepts without a control cabinet.

AMI8100 | Compact integrated servo drives

Synchronous servomotor with integrated servo drive for the realization of machine concepts without a control cabinet in the low voltage range.

AA1000 | Linear actuators

Both the servo drive and the absolute measuring system are already integrated in the ultra-compact linear actuators.

I/O components

The I/O components in different protection classes enable the operation of stepper, DC and servomotors in a compact design.


All drive solutions can be optimally supplemented with our complete and field-proven portfolio of accessories.


The motion software products optimally support the selection and commissioning of suitable hardware components for drive solutions.

TwinSAFE safe drive technology

With the TwinSAFE safe automation technology, both basic functions and complex safety functions are available for all our drive solutions.

Innovation and efficiency - servo drives, tailor-made for every application

Modular and compact

The AX8000 is one of the most compact multi-axis servo systems that can be used worldwide on almost all mains systems. The modules are mounted without tools thanks to the new AX bridge with spring balancer technology. State-of-the-art multi-core processor technology enables highly dynamic control cycles. With TwinSAFE, up to 17 drive-integrated safety functions are available to make machines safer. In the integrated TwinSAFE Logic, safety functions can be programmed directly in the axis module, enabling even shorter response times. Thanks to the optional multi-feedback interface, third-party motors can also be operated with an EnDat-2.2, BiSS-C, TTL or SinCos 1 Vpp interface.

The AX5000 compact servo drive series offers extensive functionalities, a flexible motor and feedback interface and is available up to an output of 118 kW. In the execution as a single or two-channel axis module, the AX5000 impresses with maximum cost-effectiveness. Optionally, TwinSAFE provides versatile safety features that support safety-related applications. The variable motor interface allows the operation of synchronous servomotors, asynchronous motors, linear and voice coil motors. The optional AX-Bridge quick connection system significantly reduces the wiring work and rules out connection errors thanks to its easy handling.

Decentralized and versatile

The AMP8000 consists of a combination of the proven AM8000 servomotors and a highly efficient servo drive. Innovative power electronics with cold switch technology limit power losses to an unprecedentedly low level, and the space required for the electronics is reduced to an absolute minimum. The integrated secure single-turn or multi-turn encoders enable the AMP8000 to be used in applications where functional safety is required. In addition, a mechanical limit switch can be dispensed with in most cases. The AMP8000 is connected with an EtherCAT-P cable; no additional connections are required for operation.

In the compact drive product area, the AMI8100 combines a servomotor with a servo drive and an EtherCAT interface in a space-saving design for all motion requirements in the power range up to 400 watts. As an EtherCAT slave, the AMI8100 can be placed directly on the machine without a control cabinet and without upstream I/O level, which makes it possible to implement compact and modular machines without control cabinets. The monitoring is indicated by the integrated status LEDs. The distributed servo drives are optionally available with TwinSAFE STO/SS1 safety functions.

The AA1000 linear actuators from the compact drive technology product area are equipped with an integrated 48 V servo drive and can be installed decentralized in the machine. The integrated absolute encoder eliminates the need for additional limit switches or external measuring systems for operation, making installation even easier. Communication takes place via EtherCAT; unnecessarily long cables can be dispensed with when wiring by daisy-chain. In addition, a variant with a stainless steel housing is available in the highest protection class for particularly adverse environmental conditions.

Supplementary and intuitive

An extensive and optimally matched range of accessories completes the servo drive portfolio. The drive system is usefully completed with pre-assembled cables, mains filters, wiring aids, and various components for energy management.

The motion software products optimally support you with the selection and commissioning of suitable hardware components for drive solutions.