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EK1122-0080 | 2-port EtherCAT junction, Fast Hot Connect

EK1122-0080 | 2-port EtherCAT junction, Fast Hot Connect

EK1122-0080 | 2-port EtherCAT junction, Fast Hot Connect

Status LED
EtherCAT junction 1
EtherCAT junction 2
EK1122-0080 | 2-port EtherCAT junction, Fast Hot Connect

EK1122-0080 | 2-port EtherCAT junction, Fast Hot Connect

The EK1122-0080 2-port EtherCAT junction can be used in an EtherCAT Terminal segment at any desired position between the EtherCAT Terminals and enables configuration of EtherCAT star topologies. A modular EtherCAT star hub can be realized by using several EK1122-0080 units in a station.


Special features:

  • Connection technology: 2 x RJ45 sockets
  • Connection lengths: up to 100 m
  • Can be used for configuring an EtherCAT star topology
  • Fast Hot Connect technology for changing topologies


The EK1122-0080 supports Fast Hot Connect technology, which facilitates significantly shorter connection times for EtherCAT components with changing topologies. Compared to Hot Connect, which is an EtherCAT feature and enables direct coupling and uncoupling of components during system operation, Fast Hot Connect offers even faster data transfer and allows even faster tool changes.


The EK1122-0080 has two Fast Hot Connect ports, which are implemented as RJ45 sockets. The Fast Hot Connect ports are specially marked, since they may only be combined with each other. The EK1122-0080 EtherCAT junction with Fast Hot Connect is complemented by the EK1101-0080 EtherCAT coupler with Fast Hot Connect.

Product status:

regular delivery

Product information

Technical dataEK1122-0080
Task within EtherCAT systemcoupling of EtherCAT junctions
Data transfer mediumEthernet/EtherCAT cable (min. Cat.5), shielded
Distance between stations100 m (100BASE-TX)
Delayapprox. 1 µs
Data transfer rates100 Mbit/s
Configurationnot required
Bus interface2 x RJ45
Power supplyfrom E-bus
Current consumptiontyp. 220 mA
Weightapprox. 65 g
Operating/storage temperature-25…+60 °C/-40…+85 °C
EMC immunity/emissionconforms to EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-4
Relative humidity95 %, no condensation
Vibration/shock resistanceconforms to EN 60068-2-6/EN 60068-2-27
Protect. rating/installation pos.IP20/variable
Approvals/markingsCE, UL, ATEX, IECEx
Ex markingATEX:
  II 3G Ex ec IIC T4 Gc
  Ex ec IIC T4 Gc
Housing dataEL-24
Design formcompact terminal housing with signal LEDs
Dimensions (W x H x D)24 mm x 100 mm x 52 mm
Installationon 35 mm DIN rail, conforming to EN 60715 with lock
Side by side mounting by means ofdouble slot and key connection
Wiringspecific push-in connection

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