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CX2550-0279 | USB Extender 2.0 Tx for CX20xx (CP29xx-0000, CP39xx-0000)

CX2550-0279 | USB Extender 2.0 Tx for CX20xx (CP29xx-0000, CP39xx-0000)

USB Extended 2.0 interface

Diagnostic and power LEDs
Power supply interface
RJ 45 connection
CX2550-0279 | USB Extender 2.0 Tx for CX20xx (CP29xx-0000, CP39xx-0000)

USB Extended 2.0 interface

The CX2550-0179 and CX2550-0279 modules supplement the CX20xx series by the function of the CU8800 and CU8801 USB extension for Industrial PCs and enable the direct connection of Beckhoff Control Panels with USB Extended interface. The CX2550-0x79 system modules are attachments for the CX20xx Embedded PC series. They transmit USB signals via a CAT.5E cable over distances of up to max. 50 m. Both modules can be attached at the right-hand side of a CX20xx-CPU and are placed between the power supply unit and the CPU. The internal connection is made via a USB port of the CX20xx-CPU; this way, no PCI Express resources are required or used. No additional drivers are required for operation since signal transformation and forwarding of the USB signals take place at the electrical level and are completely transparent for the operating system. Each module has four diagnostic LEDs, which indicate the status of the transmission standard in addition to the power. For better visibility the LEDs of the RJ45 sockets are redundantly implemented on the lower diagnostic LEDs.

The CX2550-0279 system module transmits USB signals according to the USB 2.0 standard (full speed, max. 480 Mbit/s). It is suitable for the connection of the Beckhoff CP29xx and CP39xx Control Panel series with USB Extended 2.0 connection.

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