ASI8100 stepper motor drives for control cabinet-free machines

Compact and integrated EtherCAT stepper motor drives

The integrated ASI8100 stepper motor drive from Beckhoff’s range of compact drive technology products (up to 48 V DC) combines a stepper motor, stepper motor output stage, and fieldbus connection in a space-saving design. As an EtherCAT slave, it can be placed directly on the machine without a control cabinet or upstream I/O level, allowing for highly compact, control cabinet-free machines.

The series covers all motion requirements for stepper motors in the power range up to 250 W. Drive monitoring is indicated by integrated status LEDs in this case. With the integrated travel path control, simple function blocks for motion applications are already pre-integrated. The standardized M8 (for EtherCAT) and M12 (L-coded, for power) connectors also provide cost-effective, industrially compatible connection technology. The two additional I/Os allow drive-related functions, such as the detection of end positions or the latching of positions, to be executed efficiently.

The series starts with NEMA 17 drives (42 mm), available in two stack lengths with a 0.29 Nm or 0.8 Nm holding torque. This is followed by four NEMA 23 devices (56 mm) with holding torques of 0.75 Nm, 1.4 Nm, 2.35 Nm, and 2.5 Nm. Pre-assembled cables and infrastructure components, such as IP67 distribution box modules, are available as accessories.

Ms. Vivian Møllegård

Ms. Vivian Møllegård
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