EL6821 EtherCAT Terminal

A flexible EtherCAT communication interface for DALI-2

The EL6821 EtherCAT Terminal from Beckhoff allows up to 64 DALI/DALI-2 slaves and 64 DALI-2 input devices to be connected. The TwinCAT 3 System Manager makes it easy to configure and parameterize DALI devices flexibly.

Programming the EtherCAT Terminal is effortless: it is programmed using TwinCAT 3 function blocks. The EL6821 also contains an integrated DALI bus power supply that can be switched off with a guaranteed output current of 220 mA. The galvanically isolated input voltage is supplied via an EL9562 EtherCAT power supply terminal. The EL6821 EtherCAT Terminal is certified according to the DALI-2 standard.

This means that a maximum of 64 DALI control gears and 64 DALI control devices can be seamlessly integrated into a superordinate EtherCAT network via a compact terminal measuring 12 x 100 x 68 mm (W x H x D). Commissioning and use of the EtherCAT Terminal are supported in a variety of ways: with signal LEDs as status indicators and two digital inputs, commissioning is child's play. The TwinCAT 3 System Manager makes it simple and easy to configure and parameterize the EL6821 and the DALI devices. The tried-and-tested TwinCAT 3 PLC library Tc3_DALI is available for programming.

Ms. Vivian Møllegård

Ms. Vivian Møllegård
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