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Cables and connectors overview | MDR Box

The illustrated product overview shows a selection of cabling options and control cabinet feedthroughs for the Motor Controller Box for roller track systems. In addition to EtherCAT/Ethernet hybrid cables (ENP) in size B23, the overview also includes other cables and components for MDR box connection. The shown products represent a cross-section of the wide product portfolio.

No. Type PUR, drag-chain suitable PVC, fixed installation
(1) B23, square flange, straight, short, female+male, pins 4+PE+4, EtherCAT-coded – RJ45 + 5 x open end, 8-pin ZK7314-AS00-Axxx -
(2) B23, plug, straight, male+female, pins 4+PE+4, EtherCAT-coded – B23, plug, straight, female+male, pins 4+PE+4, EtherCAT-coded ZK7314-3031-Axxx ZK7314-3031-Cxxx*
(3) plug field assembly, motor/sensor, IP67, M8, straight, male, 5-pin, B-coded ZS2000-1314
(4) M8, plug, straight, male, 5-pin, B-coded – open end ZK2080-4100-0xxx -
(5) M8, plug, straight, male, 4-pin – open end ZK2000-3100-0xxx* ZK2000-3100-3xxx
(6) M8, plug, straight, male, 4-pin, A-coded – M8, plug, angled, male, 4-pin, A-coded ZK1090-3133-0xxx* ZK1090-3133-3xxx
(7) M8, plug, straight, male, 4-pin, A-coded – M8, socket, angled, female, 4-pin, A-coded ZK2020-3134-0xxx* ZK2020-3134-3xxx

* preferred type

xxx = cable length in decimeters