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IE4132 | Extension Box, 4-channel analog output, voltage, ±10 V, 16 bit, differential, M12

IE4132, M12, screw type

IE4132, M12, screw type

IP-Link interface
M12 I/O connection sockets
Signal status display
Labeling areas
Power supply status display:
Box supply (US)
Auxiliary voltage (UP)
Power supply feed
Power supply downstream
1 | Output +/-
2 | +24 V DC UP
3 | Output GND
4 | GNDP
5 | Shield
1 | +24 V DC US
2 | +24 V DC UP
3 | GNDS
4 | GNDP
Top view 
I/O connection 
Connector assignment 
IE4132, M12, screw type

IE4132, M12, screw type

The IE4132 analog output module generates analog output signals in the range from -10 to +10 V. The voltage is supplied to the process level with a resolution of 16 bits, and is electrically isolated. If necessary, the output scaling can be altered.

Ground potential for the four output channels is common with the 24 V DC supply. The analog actuators are powered by the control voltage. The applied load voltage (which can be any value up to 30 V DC) is available for supply of the actuators.

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